Board of Education Approved District Policies

5220 - District Investments   

5315 - Reporting and Investigations of Allegations of Fraud

5421 - Procurement of Goods and Services

5535 - Fund Balance

5565 - Confidential Medicaid Disclosure Policy

5565R - Confidential Medicaid Disclosure Regulation

5622 - Capital Assets Accounting

5640 - Smoking

5670.1 - Financial/Human Resources Management System Computer Controls Policy
5675 - Information Security Breach & Notification


6231 - Travel: By Employees

6460/7314 - Internet Safety and Use Policies

7515R - Wellness Policy on Nutrition and Physical Activity Regulation

7521 - Concussion Management                      
7540 - Student Directory Information

7580 - Dignity For All Students Act (DASA)      
7580R - Dignity For All Students Act (DASA)

7611 - Children with Disabilities

7630 - Appointment and Training of CSE and CPSE Members

7640 - Student Individualized Education Program                      

7661 Parent Involvement - Title I

7670 - Appointment and Compensation of Impartial Hearing Officer

7671 - Public Report on Revisions to District Policies, Practices andProcedures   Upona Finding of Significant Disproporational

7672 - Provision of Special Education Services in the Least Restrictive Environment

Smoke Free Substance Use/Abuse Policy
It is the policy of the Plainview-Old Bethpage School District to promote healthy life styles for students and staff using appropriate instructional strategies and to inhibit the use/abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other substances within its jurisdiction. Plainview-Old Bethpage is a substance free district in which tobacco use is prohibited in all school buildings and on school grounds. Therefore, no person may use, possess, sell, or distribute alcohol, tobacco or other substances, nor may use or possess drug paraphernalia on school property or at school sponsored events, except drugs as prescribed by a physician. Further, any person exhibiting behavior, conduct, or personal or physical characteristics indicative of having used or consumed alcohol or other substances shall be prohibited from entering school grounds or school sponsored events.



Dangerous Instruments and Weapons in School

The Plainview-Old Bethpage Board of Education, in order to provide a safe and healthy environment wherein students can learn, has adopted a policy prohibiting dangerous instruments and weapons in school.

Dangerous instruments, firearms, dangerous chemicals, explosive devices or weapons are prohibited from school grounds, buildings, buses, and field trips.

A weapon is any instrument capable of inflicting bodily harm, such as, but not limited to, Swiss army knives, pen knives, razor blades, switchable knives, gravity knives, pilum ballistic knives, cane swords, electronic dart guns, chukka sticks, and King Fu stars.

Any student found guilty of bringing a firearm onto school premises shall be suspended for a period of one year, subject to review by the Superintendent. In addition, he/she shall be referred to the appropriate criminal justice or juvenile delinquency authorities.

Students who bring a weapon to school face a Principal's suspension and the possibility of a Superintendent's suspension.




Statement on Sexual Harassment

Student-to-student sexual harassment is UNWANTED and UNWELCOME sexual behavior that interferes with the student's life. Sexual harassment is NOT flirting or other behaviors which are for everyone involved.

Sexual harassment makes at least one person involved feel bad. A female student can be harassed by a male or by another female. A male student can be harassed by a female or another male.


Inappropriate Student-to-Student Behavior

  • Comments about body parts or rating someone's body
  • Sexual suggestion or threats
  • Spreading sexual rumors or stories about a person(s)
  • Sexual jokes
  • Conversations that are too personal
  • Insulting comments about sexual preference
  • Not stopping any of the above when asked to do so.


  • Staring or pointing at a person's body in a way that is too personal
  • Displaying obscene sexual material or placing it in someone's locker or computer
  • Writing a person's name along with sexual remarks, suggestions, or drawing in public places
  • Making obscene gestures
  • Degrading graffiti


  • Grabbing, touching, or pinching a person's body
  • Tearing or pulling a person's clothing
  • Purposefully bumping or brushing against someone
  • Kissing or holding a person against his or her will
  • Preventing someone from moving freely
Students who sexually harass other students are subject to disciplinary action, including a Principal's suspension and possible referral to the Superintendent.